About the Developers

Photo Finish was developed by the brothers Johann-Lukas and Arthur Voigt. Since highschool they both share a passion for sports, particularly track and field, as well as the interest in programming and algorithm development.

Arthur won several titles in championships, including 3rd place in the youth 800m final of the german championships in 2010. Johann-Lukas built a Youtube Channel with over 100.000 subscribers that were amazed by the complex machines and programs he created in the game Minecraft.

During that time, they never had the ability to measure sprint times accurately during training, since commercial timing systems were all too expensive for their sports association, the LAC Quelle Fürth. Now, several years later, after finishing Master's degrees in Computational Physics (Johann-Lukas) and Computer Science (Arthur), they decided to tackle the challenge of developing an affordable, precise sports timing systeem themselves.

Photo Finish is the result of dedication and hard effort. Today, they proudly present to you this milestone in sports timing system development!

In 2022, Paulo Leite and Andreas Plewnia became members of the team.

Johann-Lukas Voigt


Arthur Voigt


Andreas Plewnia


Paulo Leite